TMQ’s Record Charity Toy Collection

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Charity Toy Collection

It’s been a whole month since The Mortgage Quarter’s 2020, annual Christmas, charity toy collection was donated to the children on the Bramble Ward, at the RD&E Hospital in Exeter, yet we are still in awe just thinking about it.

So Grateful

It was our biggest and most rewarding charity toy delivery yet so we wanted to mark the occasion with a little blog post and say another huge thank you, once again.

After an overwhelmingly generous response from local businesses, clients and the general public, the toys, vouchers and money donated to the children at the Bramble Ward at the RD&E Hospital was undoubtedly the biggest donation we have received to date and for that, we are so grateful.

TMQ’s Record Charity Toy Collection

The Importance of Supporting Local Charities

Since launching The Mortgage Quarter, charity work has always been very high on our agenda. Over the past three years, we have supported local charities and the community in more ways than one.

With Coronavirus still lingering and another national lockdown currently in progress, January hasn’t done much to ward off the January blues! However, we are determined to keep spirits high and appreciate all that the NHS has done for us, particularly during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

The Starfish Appeal

For those who missed out on donating to our charity toy collection for the RD&E Hospital last Christmas, or for those that wish to donate some more cheer, we are continuing to support their amazing charity, The Starfish Appeal.

The Starfish Appeal aims to raise £450,000 to help to create a dedicated area offering a warm, bright and engaging space for children and the families that visit the children’s ward. The charity is hoping to provide activities and equipment as well as multi-sensory experiences to alleviate any anxieties that children may have while they are waiting to go into hospital. These techniques are also helpful in relieving boredom and benefit recovery, recuperation and rehabilitation.

If you would like to know more about this fantastic cause, please visit their website here.

2020 was a strange year. An exceptionally hard year in many ways, but also one that brought us together as a community, more than we thought possible. Once again, thank you to each and every one of you for supporting this wonderful cause. Here’s to attempting to make this year’s Christmas charity toy collection, even bigger!