New! The Home Buying App

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The home buying app

We are super excited to announce the launch of our new app, giving you a helping hand with stepping onto the property ladder. This free app is designed to help you save up, plan and track your home buying journey – whether you’re wanting to buy your first home, or just fancy a move.

There are three main features within The Homebuying App, The Checklist, The Knowledge Library, and The Overview, providing a one-stop shop to all the queries and questions you may have throughout your home buying journey.

How does The Home Buying App work?



The Checklist:

The checklist covers all the tasks you’ll need to complete to buy your new home, including creating a savings plan, working out how much you will have to save each month, how much you can borrow on a standard mortgage or a Help to Buy Equity Loan, depending on your personal circumstances. As your savings progress, there are tools to help you choose the right savings accounts / deposit builder and check your credit score leading to all the checklists you will need in order find a home, buy a home and the big move.


New! The Home Buying App

The Knowledge Library

The Knowledge Library answers any of your home buying questions. With expert articles that answer all your home buying questions, the knowledge library covers all topics from saving, house hunting, buying and the big move.

Home / Overview:

Home provides a quick overview of your progress, next steps, and latest home buying insights.

The Home Buying App is perfect for people in the early stages of home buying or for those who would like some support and guidance to get yourself into the best position to buy or move at some point in the future.

New! The Home Buying App

Integrating mortgage and savings calculators alongside educational content, the app helps you avoid any nasty surprises on your property journey.  The app is completely free to use and when you are ready to progress to an appointment / would like some advice, or reach the application stage then they can contact us directly through the app.

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