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Your monthly mortgage payment is probably your largest expense, so you’ll want to keep your mortgage costs as low as possible. That’s not always an easy task, especially given the way interest rates have increased over the past 18 months. When we source a mortgage for a client, we always look for ways to reduce their monthly costs and find a mortgage that best suits their needs.

Here are two recent examples of where we helped clients lower their monthly mortgage payments when it was time for them to remortgage.

Example 1: No disposable income

Our clients were paying £960 a month for their mortgage and nearly £1,400 a month on loans and credit cards. Consequently, they had no spare money each month and had even tried payday loans to try and sort out their dreadful position!

Within two weeks, we secured a new mortgage offer for them, which cleared all their debt and will only cost £106 more per month than their original mortgage. Our clients now have only monthly debt repayment and have gained £300 of disposable income per month.

Example 2: Hefty monthly payment

A client came to us after receiving a mortgage offer from another broker. They were looking to remortgage their home and had been quoted £4,200 for their monthly mortgage payment. The client was resigned to paying that amount but wanted to see if there was an alternative option.

It was a complex case, but we managed to negotiate a larger mortgage (an increase of £30,000), allowing the client to clear all their debts at a cost of just £3,160 per month – saving £1,040 per month!

Example 3: Bad credit history

A client approached us to see if we could get a better rate than the one they’d had put forward by a different broker. The mortgage offer was from an adverse lender (a lender that will take on a customer with a bad credit history) at a rate of 7.39% and a monthly payment of £1,055.

When we looked into their case, we discovered they didn’t need to use an adverse lender. Consequently, we were able to secure them a mortgage with a mainstream lender at a rate of 4.9%, reducing their monthly payment to £837. Over the five-year fixed period, this is a saving of £13,952!

Mortgage rate review success

We always recommend clients seek a new mortgage six months before their remortgage is due. Early preparation allows ample time for a thorough market search to find the most competitive deal. If interest rates change in your favour before your new mortgage starts, you’ll be able to switch products and benefit from a better rate. We manage this process on behalf of our clients so they automatically benefit from more favourable rates.

During January, our mortgage rate reviews for six clients resulted in combined savings of £22,633 on their mortgage payments over two to five years. We saved one client £9,000 over five years!

If you’re seeking a new mortgage or coming to the end of a fixed rate and would like to benefit from our commitment to optimising financial outcomes for our clients, please get in touch.