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COVID-19 The Mortgage Quarter

The Mortgage Quarter has launched a dedicated Mortgage Support Service to help homeowners who may be worried about their finances, as a result of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

This FREE support service has been set up to answer any queries that local people may have about paying their mortgage and guide them back to financial security. The Mortgage Quarter’s primary aim is to ease the financial worries of local homeowners by creating an online resource of FAQs on the topic, which will be updated daily as more queries are raised.

An Ever-Changing Climate

In our ever-changing economic climate, the UK government is responding daily with new measures to minimise the impact of the Coronavirus, not only on our health but our finances too. This includes access to a mortgage payment holiday of up to three months for those worst hit financially by the virus.

However, this may not be homeowners’ only worry regarding monthly finances, which is why we are answering people’s most common questions around managing their household finances to help them cope.

Our Co-founders, James Miles and Michael Tilston explain further:

“We are living in unprecedented times and some homeowners are rightly worried about their finances. With a mortgage typically being a homeowner’s largest outgoing, monthly mortgage payments are naturally going to be homeowners’ biggest concern. We’ve set up the Mortgage Information Support Service to help local people through this challenging period and to offer advice to those who need it most.
“The helpline is managed by our fully qualified mortgage advisers who can provide guidance about what to do if repaying a mortgage is a worry during the Coronavirus outbreak. As the situation changes in the UK and across the globe, it’s difficult for people to foresee how their monthly income will be affected, particularly for homeowners on short-term, temporary, or zero-hours contracts.
“The government is doing its best to help people during these difficult times and we certainly take financial well-being very seriously, so we are also doing our utmost to support people. We hope that the helpline will allow homeowners to talk openly and get them back on track with their finances.”

If you require more information about our support service or if you want to speak to a qualified mortgage adviser about any quesries you may have, call 01392 660219 today.