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What help is there for veterans to get a mortgage?

When you leave the Armed Forces it’s quite common to feel that you’re left to your own devices and there’s not a lot of help.

Strictly speaking, there are no special mortgages for veterans beyond the standard ‘civilian’ mortgage. The key really is to find an adviser or a firm that has veterans in their team who know what it’s like for you. That way you’ve got peace of mind – we know exactly what your situation is and, from a financial point of view, how to assist you with it.

Has being posted abroad a lot affected my credit score?

Possibly the first thing we say to everybody – for a civilian mortgage or a veteran – is to get a copy of your credit report before applying for the mortgage. That way, you know exactly what the lenders will say.

Quite often serving overseas does have an effect. Credit reference agencies can’t search BFP addresses, so it can seem that there are gaps in your residence records. The solution is to find a lender that is Forces-friendly and sympathetic to the fact that you’ve been overseas. 

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Come on in and be quite forward with what you’re after – just be very honest with your mortgage broker. It’s good to make sure that we know absolutely everything about you. That way we can’t be blindsided by a lender. An open book policy is very good when coming to see your mortgage broker.