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Why do you need Home Insurance?

Our homes are so important to us. They provide a safe place where families gather, special memories are made and they are the place we all want to head back to at the end of the day. Our homes are also full of special and sentimental possessions, memories, which have been collected over the years, and things that you have saved hard to buy.

That alone is worth protecting.

Home insurance is a general term, which encompasses two variations of cover. These are buildings insurance and contents insurance.

Home Insurance / Buildings Insurance

It is essential to protect such a valuable asset such as your home. Just imagine if it were completely destroyed through fire, flood or an explosion – it would have to rebuilt from the ground up.

If you own your own home or own a property, which you rent, it is mandatory (most mortgage lenders make it a condition of lending) that you have buildings insurance in place. Therefore, if the worst were to happen, they’d be able to recover their losses.

It’s a legal requirement to have home insurance in place, so let us help you do it properly.

Buildings insurance is put in place incase of unfortunate events.

Although all insurance policies vary, generally you’ll be able to make a claim if your property is damaged by unfortunate events; these include but are not limited to, things such as:

  • Fire damage
  • Storms
  • Flooding
  • Rainwater
  • Burst pipes
  • Theft / Vandalism.

Home Insurance : Contents Insurance

Contents insurance covers all the personal possessions inside your home in case they’re damaged or stolen. That includes, furniture, electrical appliances, personal belongings, jewellery and some types of flooring, including carpets.

Unlike buildings insurance, it’s personal preference as to whether you take out contents insurance. However, if you were burgled or had everything destroyed as a result of fire or flood, could you afford to replace everything?

You can insure your building and contents separately however; many homeowners often choose to buy their buildings and contents insurance together. It keeps everything simple and can also help to keep the cost down.

It’s so important that you to have enough cover to adequately protect your property, it’s also important to make sure you’re not paying for cover you don’t actually need.

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